Principal Message


DR.[Mrs.] Nimisha Singh


Indeed! No one can say that his or her education is ever and will ever be complete as long as she/ he lives! Human beings are educated continuously wherever they are and whatever they might do in life. Education is not just literacy. It is not even information or accumulation of facts. True education is neither superficial nor skin deep. It sinks into the very marrow of our bones. Teaching methodologies, strategies, curriculum, priorities and attitudes keep changing rapidly. One's education is never finished at any stage of one's life. This is the beauty of that wonderful word called EDUCATION!! Herbert Spencer said it well many years ago:

"To prepare us for complete living is the function which education has to discharge"

Hence paradigm of education needs to be redefined every now and then. It must offer a holistic approach to teaching. We at MKVV are consistently striving to be in tune with this ever changing environment and create an ambience where a child dares to dream and the dream evolve from concrete reality of the individual talent. We teach them to transform their young dreams into reality and do themselves and their Alma Mater proud.

Thus we strive to draw out the capacities in a child which are waiting to be developed.

The ripple of the waters, the verdant beauty of the earth, the solemn majesty of the mountains and the sheer melody of the spoken and the written word have never failed to cast a spell on most of us and it is with this endeavour that the faculty has always been striving to inculcate in the students this love for the language and the sheer delight in savouring its nuances.

A school is not brick and mortar, it is rather a sum total of benign creativity of its members. We at MKVVIV, have always an open mind breaking free from conventional boundaries.

“I do not ask to walk smooth paths
nor bear an easy load’
I pray for strength and fortitude
to climb the rock strewn road,
give me courage so I can scale
the broadest peak alone and transform
every stumbling block into a stepping stone".